Brand Photography Client Experience: 3 Tips for Improving Your Client Interactions

As a personal brand photographer, I always hope to build long-term relationships with each of my clients. One big way I do this is to always provide the best possible brand photography client experience. This means I try to keep all my client interactions as seamless and uncomplicated as possible. And I’m ready to share how I do it! So, keep reading if you want to improve your client experience as a brand photographer.


1. Create a set schedule.

The first thing I did to improve my client experience was actually something I did for myself. I created a set schedule and defined specific days as shoot days and other days as call days. This makes scheduling sessions and calls much more straightforward, benefiting both me and my clients.

2. Set up a pre- and post-booking workflow.

Then, after you create your schedule, take the time to set up your workflow and automate as much of it as possible. I love HoneyBook for this because it lets you do almost everything using one platform. (Get 50% off one year of HoneyBook with this link!). With a defined workflow, you’ll guarantee you communicate everything your clients need to know promptly.

3. Reduce the number of emails you send to clients.

My last tip for improving your brand photography client experience is to limit how many emails you send to clients pre- and post-booking. After doing this for a while, I condensed the number of emails I sent. And making that change has made a massive difference in my client communications.

For example, pre-booking my clients get:

  • An invite to schedule a call.
  • A follow-up email after their call.
  • One last follow-up email if they still haven’t booked.

Then, post-booking they receive:

  • An initial welcome email instructing clients to schedule their planning call, fill out their questionnaire, and review my welcome guide.
  • A pre-session reminder email with their completed planning template and final pre-shoot tips.
  • Their proof gallery, sneak peeks, and, lastly, their final gallery.

I hope these tips help you improve your brand photography client experience! And I’d love to help you continue improving and growing your personal brand photography business. Whether you need templates, guides, education, or mentoring, I’ve got something to help. Please visit my brand photographer’s education page to learn more.


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