A step-by-step walk-through of my entire session planning process, from first inquiry to final check-in. 

Insider tips to streamline your pre-shoot workflow and make the most of your client interactions.

Tools and strategies to help you effortlessly plan personal branding sessions like a seasoned pro.

What's included in this guide?

How To Plan a Branding Session


I finally have some clarity on moving forward with my personal branding business thanks to Amber and her guidance.


Fueled by equal parts diet coke and passion, I spend my days capturing the kinds of brand images that make my clients stop, smile, and get excited about their businesses. And, when I’m not busy shooting, editing, or delivering galleries, you’ll find me thinking up new ways to support my fellow photographers on their own brand photography journeys!

If I could build a thriving business from nothing but a big dream and a little hustle, I know you can, too. So, I invite you to come along for the adventure as I share what I’ve learned. Let’s create the personal brand photography business of your dreams!

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