Business Coach Brand Photography: A DFW Branding Session

Hello! I’m so glad you’re here because I can’t wait to share this week’s featured session with you. This business coach brand photography shoot was all about helping the client update and build on her existing brand. Unlike the bit-of-everything shoots I tend to do for new brands, this session focused on capturing only the images my client currently needed.

Becky Hoschek is a one-on-one mindset and business coach for moms called to business. Several years ago, after growing multiple profitable businesses in the creative space, Becky saw an opportunity to support other female business owners struggling to reach a sustainable work-life balance. So, she turned her attention to teaching moms the power of pairing mindset and simple marketing strategy. Now she mentors clients, hosts her own podcast, and speaks publicly on mindset, business, motherhood, and faith.

Since Becky had already established her brand, she knew exactly what she needed from her business coach brand photography shoot. Primarily, she wanted me to capture some updated portraits and headshots. But Becky also needed some at-work photos featuring her podcasting, interacting with clients, and speaking. So, using my personal brand photographer’s Canva planning template, we put together a session that gave Becky everything she needed!


  • Portraits
  • At-work shots
  • Walking shots
  • Updated headshots
  • Podcasting shots

Because Becky’s brand has a modern, homey vibe, we decided to shoot at Stock & Seed, a photo-friendly rentable home studio in Argyle, TX. Just like she did in her previous branding shoots, Becky opted for neutral, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish outfits. Overall, these final edits show her in her element, discussing business and mindset, hosting her podcast, and visiting with clients.

I’m so happy with how this business coach brand photography session turned out. Now, I’d love to hear how I can help you level up your brand! Connect with me here to inquire about your personal branding session today. Or, if you are a fellow brand photographer, stop by my online shop to find purchasable templates and can’t-miss resources!


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