Are you tired of showing up to a branding session and feeling like you have no idea how the session will go or you keep checking Pinterest between outfit changes for fresh ideas? 

What if you didn't have to feel that way? What if I told you there was a way to strategically map out shoot day before even showing up to the session?

Allow me to introduce to you The Brand Photographer's Prep Template! This customizable template allows you to present a clear road map to your client so everyone knows exactly what to expect on  shoot day.


The Brand Photographer's Planning Template

Um, heck yes! You're reading my mind!

Maybe you’ve felt like this before, unsure of what content you need to capture on shoot day, not sure where exactly your clients will be using the photos, and feeling like those images aren't connecting with their ideal client.

Maybe you've felt like this

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sound to good to be true?

Mood Board

Session day details

Customizable cover to include you and your client's info 


Branding sessions have SO many moving pieces to consider and remember when you're creating content for your client. The Brand Photographer's Planning Template is an easy to use and 100 percent customizable that allows you to confidently walk into any session. This template will ensure that you and your client are on the same page and leave them with a lasting impression!

How The Brand Photographer's Planning Template will change your business!

Just imagine 

another way

What friend?

But Guess

Location planning 

Shoot day timeline

Overall shot list broken up into session day scenes

Overall prop list broken up into session day scenes

3 different photo + outfit inspo layout pages to best fit your needs



this is for you if...

You want to confidently show up to any branding session

You want to clearly communicate to your client that you understand their vision and needs for their brand

You want to provide a well rounded portfolio of imagery to your client

You want to help your clients be more prepared with a detailed shot and prop list

You want to have a shoot day timeline to ensure are staying on track to capture all the important details

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Created with you in mind! Let's be real photoshop is not everyone's cup of tea, we see that and we hear that. Canva was the obvious choice when it came to user friendly design. We've also included a step by step tutorial on how to use and customize the template. 

Easy To Use

This template was carefully put together with intention and purpose. After working with a countless number of personal, commercial, and product based brands we know what elements are important when mapping out shoot day. 

Intentional Layout

10 pages

Let those first date jitters creep in! There's no waiting and no delay. Upon purchase an email is sent right to your inbox so you can get started on crafting your clients dream branding session right away! 

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aly mati

"OH MY GOSH THIS IS BEAUTIFUL AND SOOOO HELPFUL FOR BRANDING SHOOTS! This guide helps me as the photographer walk into any branding session with a gameplan to ensure I can be efficient but not only that, it helps the client walk in fully prepared as well so we are all on the same page!!"

kelsey marie

"The layout of the guide is absolutely stunning!! I don't think I could have designed something even close to how beautiful it's all laid out. The guide is super easy to customize too! I switched out the fonts to my specific brand fonts and it still looks so good!! Thank you Amber for creating such a beautiful product. I can't wait to wow my clients with this one!"


Photographers, have an upcoming branding session? This totally free guide will help you prep your client so they know what to expect, what to wear, and how to prepare.

The Brand Photographer's Style Guide.

 free guide for photogs!