Brand Photography Subscription Sessions: Should You Offer Quarterly Packages?

Is offering brand photography subscription sessions right for your business? I’d have to say, “Yes!” I’ve learned a thing or two since I started offering subscription brand photography packages a little over a year ago. And while it’s definitely been a bit of a learning curve, it’s been so worth it! So, if you want to expand your brand photography services to include subscription sessions, here’s my best advice to get you started!


1. Don’t be afraid to adjust things as you go.

Know that it’s okay to keep learning as you go! As you start booking more subscription sessions, you’ll get a better idea of what packages are selling and which aren’t. So, feel free to adjust your offerings, pricing, or any other aspect of your brand photography subscription sessions.

For example, I started offering quarterly and bi-annual subscription packages. But, as the subscription part of my business grew, I realized that almost all my clients preferred quarterly sessions. So, I adjusted my offerings. I dropped the bi-annual package from my subscription services. Click here to see how I list my available brand photography services.

2. It’s okay to be selective about your subscription clients.

When I first started offering subscription branding sessions, I took on any interested client. However, I quickly learned that it’s important to screen inquiries and decide who’s a good fit for quarterly sessions.

Sometimes, I’ll get a strong sense that a client is set up to fully benefit from my subscription branding services. Usually, these brands have previously worked with a photographer and have a clear brand identity and defined marketing strategy. Otherwise, I have new clients schedule a single session first. This way, I can make sure our visions align, and we work well together before taking them on as a quarterly client.

3. Figure out what payment schedule works best for you.

Again, don’t be afraid to adjust this as you go! I’ve tried taking half, quarterly, and full payments for brand photography subscription sessions. Personally, I’ve found that breaking the total package price into four equal payments works best.

A subscription client’s first payment is due at the time of booking. Then, the rest of the payments are due every three months after that. This schedule works because brands first secure their booking with an initial deposit, and then their future payments come due around the same time we shoot their quarterly sessions. (P.S. It’s always a good idea to require clients to enroll in auto-pay!)

4. Offer priority booking for brand photography subscription sessions.

Giving my subscription clients priority booking benefits them and me! I give quarterly clients access to my shoot calendar. So they can easily schedule their branding sessions when we’re both free. Ultimately, this eliminates a lot of unnecessary back and forth when scheduling future sessions. Plus, it makes my subscription clients feel like VIPs!

Are you interested in offering subscription sessions but still struggling with the logistics of planning seamless branding sessions? Click here to download my free session planning how-to guide. Or, if you want to keep leveling up your brand photography business, visit my education page for more resources.


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