Breaking through the income ceiling

Tirzah cave is a marketing consultant and business strategist extraordinaire. She helps established businesses with breaking through the income ceiling, gain momentum, establish a footprint, and make a lasting impact online. So, her goal is to help create strategies that make you stand out and reach your goals more efficiently. Tirzah offers 1:1 consulting in addition to a consulting VIP week and different courses to take your business to the next level. Tirzah specializes in 6 and 7 figure businesses. So many businesses get lost in the generic standards that they forget about the vision of their businesses. Tirzah helps keep the vision of your vision at the top of your priority list. Connect with Tirzah Cave, learn more about her business, and start breaking through the income ceiling at

Check out Tirzah Cave’s Spring shoot with ATP at Stock and Seed in Argyle, TX

Hey there, I’m Amber, owner of Amber Tice Photography. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Breaking through the income ceiling feature I shared today! I’m a Dallas/Fort Worth area business and personal branding photographer and here to help you take your business to new heights. I specialize in impactful brand photography for not only personal brands, but also business brands in Dallas/Fort Worth, Tx. Click here to see some of my work or here if you’re not ready for the next step, but interested in how a branding session can elevate your brand.

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