Content Ideas for Photographers: This Brand Photographer’s Top 10 Social Media Content Ideas

Whether you’re a personal branding photographer, family photographer, wedding photographer, or a jack of all trades, I’m sure you know how important content creation is. The growth of your business could very well depend on whether you stay consistent with your social media posts. But as someone who’s been there, I know how hard it can be to come up with fresh ideas under pressure. So, today, I’m going to share my ten go-to content ideas for photographers.

Top 10 Content Ideas for Photographers

1. Sneak peeks 

Make a post or reel using the best images from your sneak peek gallery. If your clients love them, then so will your social media audience!

2. Behind the scenes – shoot day

This is one of my favorite content ideas for photographers because it’s simple. Get a quality phone mount for your camera and film your content while you shoot. 

3. Behind the scenes – session planning

Grab some video of your next planning call or Zoom meeting. Or share images of your branded session planning materials. This will give your clients an idea of what to expect when working with you.

4. The process

Show potential clients what it’s like to work with you, from the first inquiry to the final gallery delivery. This would also be a perfect post to pin to the top of your page.

5. Client testimonials

This one can almost go without saying, but sometimes we forget about the easiest to make posts when we feel stuck. So, this is your reminder to post those positive reviews!

6. A day in the life

Don’t be afraid to get personal. Followers and potential clients want to know who you are, not just the photos you take. So, let them tag along for a typical day in your life.

7. Wardrobe inspiration

Share those aesthetic photos, and your favorite client fits. If you have a preferred color palette or style guidelines, share those too!

8. Posing tips

Not a lot of people feel completely natural in front of the camera. So, use your expertise as a photographer to teach your followers how to pose. 

9. Location ideas

Share photos from your portfolio that feature your favorite studios and outdoor shoot locations. Alternatively, you could use this post to talk about your dream session locations and attract new bookings.

10. Editing – before and after

This is another one that’s so easy we often overlook it. So, here’s your reminder that you’ve got built-in content every time you turn a raw image into a beautiful, final photograph. Post those before and afters.

I hope these ideas help you stay consistent with your content and attract more bookings! For more tips from a personal branding photographer, keep an eye on the blog for new content posted weekly. I also invite you to stop by my brand photographer’s online shop for invaluable resources and educational materials.


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