How to Use Branding Photos as a Photographer: 5 Ideas for Personal Brand Photographers

As brand photographers, we need to lead by example! Now, I will be the first to say that I’m not the best at sharing my own personal branding photos or scheduling sessions regularly. So, no judgment if you struggle with figuring out how to use branding photos as a photographer. I’m right there with you!

Still, I think we all know it’s essential for us to set up those shoots and share those images. If you can, you should aim to schedule a personal branding session for yourself every quarter or at least once a year. Then, once you’ve refreshed your library of branded images, it’s time to start using them! Keep reading to learn about five easy ways you can use your personal branding photos to keep showing up for your clients and followers.


1. Instagram Stories

Use your personal branding photos in your Instagram stories to share exciting news, give updates, provide tips, or as on-brand backgrounds any text you’d like to share.

2. Email Signatures

This might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to how you can use branding photos as a photographer. However, email signatures are a perfect place to use your updated headshot or portrait! Changing this photo regularly will keep your brand fresh.

3. Branding Posts

Another great way to use your branded images is in your still-image social posts. Overlay your portraits or personalized “stock” photos with text to create on-brand, eye-catching content.

4. Reel Covers

Never underestimate the impact of a streamlined, thoughtfully branded IG feed! Using your personal branding photos for your reel covers is an easy way to share your images while creating consistency.

5. Guides & Templates

Do you use a welcome guide, style guide, planning template, or any other guide or template to streamline your client communication process? Guides and templates are perfect opportunities to use your branded portraits, at-work and process shots, and detail images. And don’t forget to refresh those images regularly!

I hope this list helps you feel more confident about sharing your own personal branding photos, not just your clients’. If you liked this blog post, then be sure to keep an eye on the blog for more educational and brand photography content. Then, I encourage you to check out my mentorship opportunities here for one-on-one brand photography coaching. Also, be sure to stop by my brand photographer’s shop to snag valuable guides, templates, and resources to help you level up your business. Until next time!


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