Brand Photography Photo Composition: 6 Types of Images to Capture at Every Shoot

By now, I’m sure you have a general idea about how to compose photos as a photographer. However, brand photography photo composition works slightly differently than general photography composition. With brand photography, clients usually have specific uses in mind for their images. And even if they don’t, our job as brand photographers is to know how they might use their branding photos. That way, we’re sure to deliver galleries that boost our clients’ brands.

My number one tip for other brand photographers who want to know how to compose their photos is this: Don’t underestimate the importance of variety! The orientation, distance, and overall composition should vary from one shot to the next. So, when I set up scenes, I always shoot each pose in multiple different ways. Keep reading from a list of the six main photo compositions I capture at every session!


1. Portrait

Vertically oriented images are the most widely used type of photos across all platforms. Make sure you always include a healthy number of portrait-style shots in your brand photography final galleries.

2. Landscape

This type of photo composition is perfect for website banners, social banners, the headers or footers of branded guides and educational materials, and more. 

3. Full-body

I always make sure to capture some full-body shots of my branding clients in both the horizontal and vertical orientations. This way, brands have more than just headshots to work with.

4. Quarter-body

Everybody needs a few fantastic headshots! So, all my branding session galleries include some close-up quarter-body portraits. 

5. Negative space

Then, I always get some wide shots, in both portrait and landscape, with plenty of negative space around my subject. I play with the composition of the photos, leaving more space to the left, right, above, and below the client, depending on the shot.

6. Details

Lastly, don’t forget to get those details photos! These close-up shots will likely become your branding client’s personalized “stock photos,” which will help set their brand apart. 

I hope these thoughts on brand photography photo composition help you take your branding sessions to a whole new level! If you’re a personal brand photographer looking for more tips and insider knowledge, check out my education page and follow my brand photography blog. Then, don’t forget to stop by my online shop to find my favorite brand photography resources, as well as some valuable guides and templates.


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