DFW Mortgage Lenders Branding Session: Featured Brand Photography Shoot

Hey friend! I can’t wait to share this combined DFW mortgage lenders branding session I recently did. It was extra special to work on because one of these lending groups is headed up by my brother-in-law, Shane! I was photographing two separate lending groups during this shoot, so the flow of the session was a little different. I was so glad to have my Brand Photographer’s Planning Template on hand. It really helped me lay out a scene-by-scene roadmap for this shoot before it ever started!

Trusted DFW mortgage experts, Sharp Advisors, and solution-oriented Dallas mortgage experts, The Moss Group, are both Dallas-area lending groups powered by Benchmark Mortgage. My brother-in-law, Shane Sharp, is the senior loan officer at Sharp Advisors. He leads a team of lending professionals specifically dedicated to providing their clients with the tools they need to use their mortgages to grow wealth. Meanwhile, CJ Moss, senior loan officer of The Moss Group, and his team use their lending expertise and focus on client satisfaction to help clients buy homes and generate wealth.

Since this was a combined session, Shane and CJ split the time and focused primarily on capturing headshots and a few lifestyle shots for each. Sharp Advisors wanted individual and group portraits for Shane and loan officer assistant Aaron. Additionally, The Moss Group needed individual and group photos of CJ, production partner and processor Zach, and director of experiences Jason. Both mortgage groups planned to use these branded images on their websites and social media pages.


  • Individual headshots
  • Individual lifestyle photos
  • Lifestyle content shots for each group
  • Group portraits for each group

As always, Stock & Seed, a natural light, Scandinavian ranch house in Argyle, TX, made the perfect backdrop for this session. All the guys showed up ready for the shoot and quickly got comfortable in front of the camera. Overall, this DFW mortgage lenders branding session went really well. We got all the headshots that both groups needed, and I especially love how these at-work lifestyle photos turned out!

Whether you want to upgrade your brand image or you’re a photographer who wants to learn the tricks of the trade, I’m here for you! Brands can learn more about what it’s like to work with me here. Additionally, photographers can find valuable resources and purchasable templates here. No matter who you are, I can’t wait to hear how I can help your business grow. Let’s connect today! 


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