Where to Use Branding Photos: 5 Ideas for Your Brand Photography Clients

Do your clients ever ask you what they should do with their brand photos after you deliver a final gallery? If so, you’re not alone! Though brand photography keeps getting more popular, not everyone who books a branding session knows exactly what to do next. Occasionally, one of my clients will ask me where, other than their website, they should use their pictures. So, I’d like to help you answer this question for your own clients. Here are my top five suggestions for where to use branding photos!


1. Instagram posts & reel covers

Brand photography and social media go together like peanut butter and jelly! Clients can use their new brand photos for creating social posts, reels, reel covers, profile photos, and more. So, the possibilities here are endless.

2. Email newsletters

Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with clients, advertise new services, and keep clients updated on your business. So, it’s also a great place to use branded photography. Instead of using tired, generic stock images, your clients can use their new brand photos to individualize their email content.

3. Ads & marketing materials

When it comes to figuring out where to use branding photos, incorporating your branded images into your advertisements and marketing materials is a must! Whether your clients run ads on Facebook, Instagram, or more traditional marketing venues, they’ll find endless uses for their new photos.

4. Facebook or YouTube banners

One great way your clients can utilize the horizontal images from their branding sessions is banners. Facebook and YouTube both incorporate banners in their profile layouts. Additionally, clients could use their new branded images for banner ads and website popups.

5. Brochures & guides

Do your clients use pricing guides, informational brochures, or other pre-formatted templates? If so, they can say goodbye to all those boring pre-selected stock images! Encourage your clients to use their brand photos to maintain a consistent image and brand identity across all these materials.

I hope these ideas of where to use branding photos help you support any clients needing guidance after gallery delivery. Now, I want to support you as you work to level up your personal brand photography business! You can find valuable educational content and resources here. Or you can inquire about a one-on-one business coaching session here. Overall, I’d just love to see your business grow!


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