Essential Brand Photography Scenes: Top 5 Must-Capture Scenes for Your Next Branding Session

Capturing variety is such an important part of brand photography! I mean, brands can only post so many smiling-at-a-laptop photos before it gets old. Plus, these photos can only communicate so much about a brand’s identity. It’s our job to help clients create final galleries filled with all sorts of photos that connect with their ideal clients and define their image. So, it always helps to have a go-to list of essential brand photography scenes to recommend.

I always schedule planning meetings with my clients before their sessions. (Click here to get my free step-by-step session planning guide.) This gives us a chance to plan and discuss all the little details involved in the shoot. And while many clients have a clear vision, I occasionally get clients who aren’t entirely sure what content they’ll need to tell the brand story. That’s when it’s up to me, their photographer, to offer scene suggestions and shot list ideas! 

So, after working on more branding sessions than I can count, I’ve put together a list of the top five essential brand photography scenes that I suggest to all my clients. Hopefully, these ideas will get your creative wheels turning and help you guide your brand photography clients like an old pro!


1. Headshots & portraits

Headshots and portraits are always a safe starting point, no matter what kind of brand you’re working with. Everyone needs a profile photo or image for their About page. Also, chances are good that they haven’t had updated professional portraits taken in a while.

2. Process

What does your brand’s client experience look like from beginning to end? Process scenes are all about showing a brand’s ideal clients what they can expect. So, brand photographers can suggest step-by-step shots of a client working through a particular service or task.

3. Tools of the trade

What specific items does your client use to perform their services? Cameras, skin care tools, fabric samples, color swatches, or any other brand-specific work materials can go a long way toward defining a brand’s image. So, I always suggest scenes that feature my clients interacting with their tools of the trade.

4. Behind-the-scenes

Most customers love getting to peek behind the curtain and see exactly how a business does what it does. These are essential brand photography scenes because they let a brand’s ideal client imagine what it would be like to work with them.

5. Filler content & details

I like to grab “filler content” while clients are off changing into their next outfit. These scenes can be interior shots of the shoot location, branded props and tools of the trade, or other small details that help tell the brand’s story.

You can grab my brand photography session planning template here! This fully customizable Canva guide includes scene-by-scene shot lists and prop lists to help make your planning process as simple as possible. Also, if you’re interested in more tips, guides, and helpful resources, be sure to check out my personal brand photographer’s education page.


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