Posing with Props: My Top 3 Tips for Personal Brand Photographers

Now, I know we’ve already talked about posing clients once or twice here on the blog. But since posing is such a big part of the job of a brand photographer, you shouldn’t be too surprised that I’ll be talking about it again this week. Today, I’ll be tackling the topic of posing with props.

Posing solo entrepreneurs and brand teams is essential to executing high-quality branding photoshoots. And so is posing your clients with props! I go into more detail about what props are worth including in brand photography sessions here. But the bottom line of using props is this: you want each prop to feel like a genuine, natural part of your scene, never like a staged last-minute add-in. So, how do you get the most out of your client’s props? Keep reading to find out!


1. Make movement your best friend.

One really simple way to make sure your clients don’t look stiff when posing with props is to keep them moving. At brand photography sessions, I always have my clients moving back and forth between their props while I shoot. Since we typically include multiple items in each scene, I’ll have clients interact with one prop after another. For example, in an at-work scene, I’d ask my client to pick up their phone, then write in their journal, then work on their laptop, and so on.

2. Keep things authentic.

Don’t try and fake a pose. Instead, follow your client’s lead and be really intentional about how you incorporate props in your branding scenes. Speak with your client about how they actually use each item they bring to their session, and then set the props up in a way that’s as true to life as possible. If you’re shooting a designer who typically sits in their kitchen to confer with clients and run through fabric swatches, have them do just that. This will keep your poses feeling authentic and natural.

3. Capture the details.

If these items are important enough to your client’s brand to include in a brand photography session, they are more than just props. They are part of your client’s brand story. So be sure to grab those up-close shots of any props clients bring to their shoots. Detail photos and flat-lay scenes can be some of the most versatile images in a client’s branded gallery, so don’t overlook them!

I hope these tips help you capture beautiful, natural-looking images of your clients posing with props! Whether you’re new to personal brand photography or you’ve been doing this for a while, there’s always more to learn. So, I invite you to learn from my experience (and mistakes) in a one-on-one personal brand photographer’s mentor session. Or, check out my brand photographer’s shop for products and resources to help you level up your business. 


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