DFW Christian Counselor Photoshoot: Brand Photography Session

Hi there! I can’t wait to share this featured session with you. This DFW Christian counselor photoshoot was all about variety. As you’ll see in the final gallery, this session had me working with a lot of different backgrounds and capturing a little bit of everything a client might need to upgrade their image. So, I was really glad I had my personal brand photographer’s planning template to help me create a clear roadmap for the shoot!

Fort Worth Christian counselor Wes Bailey is the founder of Renew Christian Counseling. Following his own mental health journey, Wes wanted to cultivate a counseling practice that would serve as a safe haven and refuge for hurting people. With compassion and understanding, he assists his clients in renewing their lives. Presently, Wes primarily supports men, young adults, teens, and children as they face life’s difficulties. However, in the future, Wes aims to grow Renew into a group Christian counseling practice that serves the needs of men, women, couples, and families.

Because Wes is working to create a website and social media accounts to market his brand, he needed a lot out of this DFW Christian counselor photoshoot. He needed my help to capture authentic, quality images for his website and future social media strategies. Thankfully, he had a clear vision for his brand and a good idea of the shots he wanted. Wes’ shoot covered all brand photography bases, from professional portraits to in-session action shots to lifestyle content.


  • Lifestyle shots
  • Portraits
  • In-action shots
  • Detail shots
  • Outdoor lifestyle shots

The Stock & Seed home studio in Argyle, TX, was the perfect location for Wes’ session. With its plentiful natural light and modern, Scandinavian-inspired design, this ranch house gave us a lot of indoor and outdoor photo backgrounds to work with. The property surrounding the ranch house also proved to be a beautiful setting for Wes’ rustic lifestyle shots.

Overall, these DFW Christian counselor photoshoot images turned out just like I hoped. Now, I can’t wait to see what Wes does with his final edits! If you want to upgrade your brand’s image, you can find details about my packages and pricing here. I’d love to help you take your brand to the next level, so contact me today to schedule your personal branding session!


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