Brand Photography Pricing on Your Website: Should You Reveal Investment Details?

Is it a smart move to include brand photography pricing on your website? I often get this question from fellow brand photographers, especially during one-on-one mentor sessions. This is how I always answer: Ultimately, that’s a decision every photographer has to make themselves. Still, I know how helpful it can be to learn about what works for others. So, today I’ll share a few reasons why I believe personal brand photographers should list investment details on their websites.

I admit it doesn’t always make sense to have pricing information on your website for every single service you provide. For example, my pricing structure for commercial brand photography involves too many variables to post clear-cut prices. So, I don’t list investment details for that kind of work. But for personal brand photography, I have three packages listed on my website with their starting prices.

Yes, I still set up inquiry calls to get a better idea of a new client’s needs and the scope of work they’re looking for. But I’ve found that having my investment details posted really benefits my workflow and my business. Here’s why!


1. You get fewer inquiries from price shoppers.

If you list your brand photography pricing on your website, your inbox won’t be full of messages asking about the cost of a shoot. This helps filter out the people who aren’t serious about booking while still answering any questions about price. So, you spend less time replying to emails asking about your prices and more time focused on bookings!

2. Your clients appreciate your transparency.

By posting pricing information, you show potential clients you’re honest and upfront about your work. Instead of worrying about unknown costs or hidden fees, your clients know exactly what to expect. This way, they can stop worrying about your prices and focus on falling in love with your photography!

3. Your clients feel empowered.

Having starting prices written out on your website helps clients feel that they have the power to choose. They can weigh their options and know what will work for their budget before they even inquire. So, when you start talking with a new client about their unique brand photography needs, they’ll be more comfortable communicating their desires more clearly and deciding to book you!

In the end, you are the only one who can decide if it’s right to post brand photography pricing on your website. Still, I do hope my list got you thinking about how listing your investment details could benefit your business. Please check out my brand photographer’s online shop for helpful freebies, purchasable guides, and special offers on my favorite workflow programs. And keep your eye on my brand photographer’s blog for more tips to help you upgrade your business!


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