How to Set Boundaries with Branding Clients: 4 Rules to Live By

Creating a healthy work-life balance when running your own business is challenging. That’s why it’s so essential for personal brand photographers to set boundaries with branding clients. While figuring out where to draw the line kindly and respectfully may seem intimidating, you’ll thank yourself for it later! And, if you use these four simple tips, it will make setting and keeping those boundaries a breeze.

4 Tips to Help You Set Boundaries with Branding Clients

1. Communicate clearly.

Set expectations right from the beginning! It’s so much easier to reference boundaries you’ve already set than it is to add new ones part-way through an interaction. During the inquiry process, I like to point out my office hours and standard response times more than once. Also, I always communicate with my clients about whom they might expect to hear from during our time together, like myself and my virtual assistant.

2. Set up a workflow.

Once a client has officially booked, I set up an automated workflow in Honeybook. First, this workflow sends a welcome guide that walks clients through my process and answers any questions they might have while working together. I also include a section in this guide reiterating my hours, expected response times, and whom they’ll speak with. Then, the Honeybook workflow keeps everyone on the same page, making it much easier to set boundaries with branding clients. (Click here for 35% off your first year of Honeybook!)

3. Use guides and additional pre-written resources.

Providing multiple resources will go a long way toward keeping clients from constantly hitting your inbox. As I mentioned above, a detailed welcome guide is an excellent place to start. Then, you can create an outline for planning calls, use this free style guide, and utilize my personal brand photographer’s prep guide. You should also use your blog to answer frequently asked questions, describe the process of your branding sessions, and more!

4. Go above and beyond!

While it’s excellent and, more importantly, healthy to set boundaries in your business, it’s also important to remember that your clients don’t do this every day! They are often nervous about the process or anxious about shoot day. So, I try to respond ASAP, give them some extra words of encouragement, gift them a Starbucks the day of the shoot, and help them feel as prepared as possible. 

By following these best practices, I can set boundaries with branding clients while still making them feel fully supported and cared for. I hope you find the same work-life balance I’ve managed to create! If you are interested in some one-on-one business support, I’d love to help. You can learn more about my mentorship opportunities here. And keep your eye on the blog for new tips posted weekly! 


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