Brand Photography Prep Guide: Why Should You Use One?

As a personal brand photographer, I can tell you that planning out the sessions is one of the most crucial parts of the job. And, sometimes, it’s also the most stressful! A brand photography prep guide might not be something you’ve even considered. You might be used to winging it or walking in with only a general idea of what you’ll be shooting. But when a brand puts its entire image in your hands, you’ve got to think about the details!

Are you tired of feeling unprepared on shoot day or navigating uncertain brand expectations? Well, you don’t have to stay stuck in a rut! If you haven’t thought about streamlining your session planning process before, you should. So, here is my list of the top three reasons to start using a brand photography prep guide today. 


1. Creating a detailed guide promotes collaboration.

Communicate clearly with your clients about their shoot’s overall vision, direction, aesthetic, and more! If you and your clients can see the expectations and plan for a session plainly written out, it will create more opportunities to ask questions, clarify details, and get things right before the shoot starts.

2. Your clients will always know what to expect.

A prep guide will help brands feel more relaxed and prepared for shoot day since they know exactly what to expect. Also, writing out your plan will communicate to your clients that you understand their brand and goals for the session!

3. A brand photography prep guide will keep your shoots on track. 

As the photographer, creating a shot list and roadmap for the shoot day will help focus your session and keep the shoot moving. Instead of scrambling to think of what comes next, you can reference the guide you and your client have already agreed on. 

So, you’re convinced, right? Using a prep guide with your brand photography clients will make your life easier and improve your business. But how do you go about creating the perfect guide? The answer is this: you don’t need to because I’ve already done the work for you! 

If you’re ready to upgrade your client interactions, show your professionalism, and streamline all the moving parts of branding sessions, I have the brand photography prep guide for you! My fully customizable brand photographer’s planning template lets you plan all the shoot day details, create a timeline, curate a mood board, develop a shot list, and more. Also, be sure to watch this quick tutorial on how to use my brand photographers template. Overall, I know it will simplify your life so much, just like it’s simplified mine!


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