Personal Branding Session Wardrobe Ideas for Your Clients

How can photographers help clients assemble the perfect personal branding session wardrobe? I’m so glad you asked! This week’s education blog is all about guiding your branding clients through the outfit selection process. Even though every client has unique styling needs, I’ve learned that some rules apply to just about everyone. 

Whether you’re just getting started in the branding space or you’ve been doing brand photography for a while, I’m sure you’ve figured out that clothing choices can make or break a client’s session. Uncomfortable fits and unflattering colors can result in final images that just don’t work. Meanwhile, clothes that complement your client’s brand and flatter their figure can make your final edits shine!

My Top 6 Personal Branding Session Wardrobe Tips

1. Prioritize comfort!

Encourage your clients to choose clothes that they feel good in. If a piece of clothing highlights an area they’re self-conscious about or doesn’t fit quite right, they should leave it at home! Your clients should feel confident and comfortable in every outfit they bring.

2. Coordinate your colors.

All-black outfits are no longer the standard for professional portraits – thank goodness! Still, you should advise your brands to limit their palettes to three or four coordinating colors. Make sure they consider the shoot location, their brand colors, and their own most flattering colors.

3. Keep it neutral…mostly!

When your client is putting together their personal branding session wardrobe, remind them to stick with mostly neutral colors. Light neutrals all photograph well and serve as the perfect base for a good pop of color. Even though you should still advise your clients to avoid overly bright or neon colors, they can incorporate pops of deep, rich, brand-appropriate colors for extra personality!

4. Opt for textures over patterns.

I know we all love a good pattern. However, you’ll want to encourage your brands to skip the cheetah print or any other pattern that distracts from the main focus of the photo – your client! Instead, advise them to add visual interest by playing with different textures and fabrics. 

5. Accessorize!

It’s easy for clients to overlook an outfit’s finishing touches, so don’t let them forget the accessories. Remind them to add a bit of flare to their looks with hats, belts, wraps, ties, and/or jewelry. For easy bonus looks, have clients plan some layered outfits with jackets or sweaters that can be removed.

6. Be careful with props.

Lastly, remember the cardinal rule of prop use: Props should add interest and personality to your images without distracting from your subject. So, have your clients bring along branded mugs, planners, or cards. Include fresh flowers, vintage items, or a favorite beverage. Just make sure you keep your client center stage. 

Ultimately, your client makes the final decisions about their personal branding session wardrobe. Still, I hope these tips help you advise your brands on how to get the most out of their photoshoots! You can sign up for my mentoring sessions here for more tips and personalized business advice. Or, stop by my personal brand photographer’s shop to purchase useful templates and take advantage of free and discounted offers. Then, stay tuned for more educational tips here on the blog every week!


  1. Fina says:

    Great tips! I would love to see the full gallery of this photoshoot. Is your client a wardrobe stylist?

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