My Favorite Lens for Indoor Branding Sessions & How to Use It

Let’s talk camera lenses! Most photographers know that the lens you shoot with makes all the difference in your final edits. While I shoot almost all of my indoor branding sessions on my 50mm lens, I recently purchased a new lens that has totally changed the game. My new favorite lens for indoor branding sessions is my 28-to-70mm zoom lens, and I’ll tell you why!

Most of the time, I still keep this lens fixed at 50mm. However, I love that I now have the option to zoom in a little tighter when I need to. Or I can go a tad wider, down to 35mm, without ever having to change my lens. This lens lets you do it all while staying in the zone! 

Here are some ways I recommend using a 28-70mm lens for indoor branding sessions.


1. Standard 50mm focal length 

I like to stick with the standard 50mm focal length for cohesiveness and consistency when shooting portraits. This setting allows me to get full-body shots while keeping some interest in the background. 

2. Wide-angle 35mm focal length

This lens setting is excellent for getting those wider shots with more negative space around my subjects. Also, this focal length is great for action shots, allowing me to fit more into each scene.

3. Telephoto 70mm focal length

This is my favorite lens setting for capturing tighter details shots. It also helps me get that perfect bokeh blur background for beautiful up-close portraits and headshots.

If you’ve been on the fence about adding a 28-70mm zoom lens to your camera bag, this is your sign to go for it! I can’t wait to keep using this lens for indoor branding sessions. And I hope these tips help you get started with yours. 

For more in-depth tips and personalized business coaching, sign up for a one-on-one mentoring session here. I can’t wait to help you begin your personal brand photography adventure! Also, be sure to visit my brand photographer’s shop for essential templates and valuable free or discounted resources. 


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