Pose Ideas for Personal Branding Photoshoots: 5 Major Categories

Personal brand photography is all about one thing: highlighting your client and their brand. So, posing your subject to show their best side is a huge part of the job. If you’ve felt a little lost when it comes to posing, I’m here to offer some inspiration! Keep reading for a categorized list of my favorite pose ideas for personal branding photoshoots. 

But first, check out my brand photographer’s planning template if you need a better way to plan your shoots and compile working shot lists. I use this Canva template with all my clients. Since it streamlines the planning process, everyone can show up on session day prepared and knowing what to expect. Now, on to the list! I use these five categories of poses in all my photoshoots. 

5 Categories of Pose Ideas for Personal Branding Photoshoots

Sitting Poses

Standing Poses

Movement Prompts

Working Poses

Poses with Props

Bonus Pro Tips:

  • Mix in vertical and horizontal shots as often as you can.
  • Start with a wide shot and work your way in.
  • Leave negative space for your client to add text for marketing.
  • Have your client give you multiple facial expressions in each pose.
  • Direct clients to look in various directions (not just at the camera) to add variety.

Incorporating Props in Your Branding Shoots

Finally, let’s talk props. I couldn’t wrap up a post about pose ideas for personal branding photoshoots without giving you some tips for posing with props. While props can add a lot to branding sessions, they can also easily become a distraction. So, it’s essential to think about how you’ll incorporate them. 

First, be sure to ask about props in your client questionnaire to get an idea of what the brand wants early on. Then, have a planning call prior to the session so you can help your client prep their props and outfits. When helping your client choose props, remember the key that to a good prop is how it elevates the final image. You never want props to distract from the client or the brand. 

Additionally, It’s always a good idea to grab detailed shots of the props. You should also take photos of the props with other elements to create custom “stock photos” for the brand. These extra touches are what apart as a personal branding photographer and add even more value to your clients’ businesses. 

I hope these tips have helped give you more pose ideas for personal branding photoshoots! If you want more support and insight to help you grow your brand photography business, I offer one-on-one mentoring sessions. Also, photographers should stop by my personal brand photographer’s shop for curated resources and templates. 


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