Consider Switching to Personal Brand Photography: Top 3 Reasons Why

Photographers, do you love the art of what you do but struggle to maintain a good work/life balance? Do you ever get the feeling that you’re taking the same photos over and over again, just with different faces? Or are you looking for ways to fill your schedule during the slow months? If so, I highly recommend that you consider switching to personal brand photography!

Unlike other types of portrait photography, personal brand photography is about more than just capturing beautiful images of your subject. It’s more than helping clients look their best on camera. Brand photographers are also responsible for helping brands tell their stories and effectively market themselves with uniquely styled images. So, if you’re up for a new challenge, here are my top 3 reasons to switch to brand photography.


1. Greater flexibility with scheduling –

You can say goodbye to working nights and weekends! When working with businesses and entrepreneurs, you have more freedom to set a work schedule that fits your life. Instead of working around your clients’ jobs, you’ll be adding value to their business. So, you’ll be able to book sessions during regular business hours.

2. Brand photography never has an off-season –

This means more consistent income throughout the year! Consider switching to personal brand photography if your business struggles every winter and you’re sick of the stress. Unlike private clients, brands need fresh, personalized photos all year round. As a brand photographer, you’ll stay busy with a roster of repeat clients and new brands to fill the gaps.

3. More diversity in sessions –

Every personal branding session and brand story is unique! This means you’ll get to solve new problems and stretch your creative muscles for each session you book. Each brand’s vision and need will require a slightly different approach. So, no more getting stuck in a rut, taking the same photos over and over. 

Whether or not you’ve been thinking about changing up your business, I hope this list makes you consider switching to personal brand photography. As you can probably tell, I love what I do! And I love helping others get the hang of this industry, too! If you need help on your journey as a personal brand photographer, be sure to check out my mentorship opportunities and my online shop for brand photographer resources.


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