Hope Taylor Mastermind Retreat Recap

Today on the blog i’m coming at you with a Hope Taylor Mastermind Retreat Recap! This post is a little more personable for me as i’m chatting about the personal decision I made to invest in myself and my business like I never have before.

I’ve been a fan of Hope’s for a while now, I watch her youtube channel weekly, adore her senior photography work, and admire her as a person and business owner. So when I learned about her mastermind you could say I was highly intrigued.

One thing i’ve learned over the years in the entrepreneur world is to ALWAYS be investing and continuing your education. That’s something I admire about Hope, her ability to diversify her income. This is where passive income and Hope’s mastermind enter the chat. Passive income is something that I always knew I needed to dip my toes into but much like everything else in being an entrepreneurship I had a million other things to take care of so it kept getting put on the back burner. UNTIL, I made the decision to make it a priority for myself and for my family. I mean my family is part of the reason why I decided to go into business for myself in the first place and yet somehow I felt more slammed with work than ever before.

So when I found out Hope was opening her next round of applications for the highest level of coaching that she offers in her business I had to make the jump. I told myself i’ll just apply and if I get in great and if I don’t then it’s just a sign that i’m not ready to take this next step. Either way, I knew whatever was meant to be, would be. However, when I did indeed get accepted I started having a slight panic attack(this is a big investment and commitment not just financially but time wise too). I mean essentially you’re starting a whole new business, it just happens to fall under the same “branch” as your main business name etc. BUT as scary as all that sounds I can honestly say it was THE best thing I could have done for myself and my business.

You see I spent the last 6 months on weekly calls with not just Hope but all the amazing other business owners that joined Hope’s Mastermind with me! I made friends, learned and taught things and was apart of a group with people that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise met. All things in life happen for a reason and i’m thankful this Mastermind was one of those things for me.

To quickly break it down, we had weekly zoom calls with rotating hot seats(meaning each one of us took turns on discussing pain points or areas in our existing business or passive side we needed assistance and guidance on). We had 24/7 Voxer access to Hope and the rest of the group, a 1:1 call with Hope, and to top it all off a 3 day in person retreat in Charleston, SC to wrap it all up. OH and not to mention pre-recored trainings on all things passive income from Hope that we can access whenever. A HUGE HUGE HUGE Thank YOU to Hope and all the amazing friends I got to spend the past 6 months with 🤍

Enough chit chat from me, here’s a photo dump of our in person retreat and the cutest Airbnb we stayed at while in Charleston, SC.


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