Best Props To Use For Your Branding Session

During your branding photo shoot, it’s all about showcasing you. Who YOU are & what your business is. One of the absolute best ways to do that is with props! Your every day is full of essential items used that we can incorporate into your session to show your brand’s story. Below are some of the best props to use for your branding session to stand out.

  1. Something you work with – I like to include some tools of your trade into your session. Maybe that’s your cell phone, laptop & planner for executive assistants or camera & products for a photographer. Your tools can help tell your story, so let’s incorporate them into your branding session!
  2. Something you sell – If you sell products of any kind, part of your branding session should include what you sell. You can use these images in social media, product posts, and ads.
  3. Something unique to you – Maybe it’s a signature accessory, go-to mug, or favorite books. We’ll use them to add that extra layer of uniqueness to your session.


Why do we use props during a branding session?

Well, for one, props can help you visually tell who you are & what you do. If used well, you can convey what your business is without any words necessary. We add personal touches to weave your soul into the images, while also using tools to visually demonstrate the trade you are in. Additionally, using props gives you something to do with your hands! Clients are often unsure of where to place their hands during the photo shoot, and having a prop to hold will give your hands purpose.

 I love that Lauren decided to bring her most favorite books to her mini branding session. She’s working on a book currently and shared some of the books that inspired her to take the leap into becoming an author and I just love the extra special touch they bring to her session.

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Fort Worth business brand photo shootfort worth business brand photo shoot Best Props To Use For Your Branding Session Best Props To Use For Your Branding SessionBest Props To Use For Your Branding Session

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  1. Michele says:

    Love the contrast of the dress and sweater and the bare feet with the red toe nails. Elegant and attractive at the same time

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