Best White Button Down Shirts

For Brands

We all know by now that my favorite color is white! If you didn’t know… well can you really be surprised? haha! One outfit recommendation I ALWAYS suggest to clients when discussing wardrobe for their personal branding shoot is a white button down shirt. When choosing outfits for your personal branding session you want to make sure your outfits are not distracting from the main point of the photo… which should be YOU. I LOVE  LOVE LOVE a white button down for the fact that it’s simple, timeless, and looks good on everyone. I’ve rounded up some of my all time favorite white buttons down for you to add to your wardrobe… After all you don’t need to have a photoshoot planned to add a white button down to your wardrobe! Throw on a cute hat, denim shorts or distressed jeans and you have the perfect summer outfit.

Shop the looks here -> 1|2|3|4|5


January 23, 2021




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