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If you haven’t heard of Flodesk by now i’d genuinely be surprised. Most of us in the creative industry have heard about Flodesk at one point or another… I mean all the cool kids are using it… creatives like Jena Kutcher, Jasmine Star & of course myself to name a few. You may be thinking “What’s so great about Flodesk? Why is everyone making the switch? Is it really worth all the hype?” I’m here to break it down for you and share my top 4 reasons why I made the switch and have NO plans on going back!



    • I mean does it get any better than this? Unlike other platforms i’ve tried in the past, Flodesk does not charge you based on the number of subscribers you get(Can I get an Amen!). They offer a free 30 day trial then a flat fee to pay monthly or yearly to join. It couldn’t be any easier.



    • Much like the website platform I use(showit), Flodesk makes building AND customizing your emails a breeze. They have a user friendly drag and drop system that allows you to create beautifully on brand emails like a pro.



    • If you’re anything like me than coming up with the base of your emails is not your strong suit. That’s where Flodesk comes in! They have tons of pre-built email templates ready for you to easily customize to meet your needs. Just click on the category of email you’d like to send(Share news, Welcome, Make Money, Say Thanks, Inspire, etc), customize it to your brand, and send away. This is without a doubt my favorite thing about Flodesk… I can get writers block and this gives me a great starting point to get my juices flowing.



    • I mean does this really need an explanation lol… We’re all here for the Gram and Flodesk is all about it. Just add your social profile to the bottom of your email template and you are all set! Of course you can easily customize the look of how your social profiles to be cohesive with your brand and email. 

There you have it my friends, my top 4 reasons why Flodesk is where it’s at in the world of email marketing. If you’re interested in signing up you can get 50% off by clicking HERE.

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