My Top 4 Email Tips to Staying Organized

Do you ever feel like opening your email is a dreaded tasks that you find yourself putting off until the last minute? Do you have hundreds maybe even thousands of emails sitting in your inbox and you’re not sure where to even start?

Trust me when I say i’ve been there(honestly i’m sure most of us have). But believe me when I say there is another way! Do I have your attention now? Awesome 🙂 Here are my top 4 tips to keeping your email inbox organized.

1.Deep Dive

Do a deep dive into all the current folders in your inbox and get rid of anything that is no longer relevant to your needs or business. Yes, that even means unsubscribing from all the companies you no longer have interest in. *pro-tip; still interested in receiving emails from companies but don’t need one every single day *cough cough target? Update your email preferences for that company so you can still receive them but it will just be less frequent.

2.Create Labels

Once things are cleared out it’s time for the fun part… creating the labels(sometimes it’s the little things in life friends). In gmail you can create labels/categories AND even color code them. Create labels and categories based on the different types of email you receive. For example a few of mine are- Main Category(Personal and Photography) followed by the different labels within those categories(collaborations, mentorship, education/resources, affiliate income, current clients, potential clients, receipts etc). Once you’ve completed an email move it from your inbox to the appropriate category/label so all that’s left are things you are currently working on/need attention.

3.Create Templates

One of my favorite features within gmail is the templates section. This is where I can draft up answers to commonly asked questions for a quick and easy reply. I have templates saved for things such as “branding inquiry”, “not a good fit”, “10 ways to look good on camera” etc. *pro tip- use the saved email templates as the base of your reply and then add in personalization for each response.

4. Incorporate Apps

If you’re not already using a client management system in your business than I HIGHLY suggest getting one. Honeybook is the exact CRM I use to run my business. This a GREAT tool, not just for photographers but for any entrepreneur. With Honeybook you can manage projects, book clients, send invoices and get paid- all in one platform. One of the awesome features within Honeybook is it has an app(#1) and #2 it tracks all of my emails within the system, keeping my email threads between clients/prospects all in one place and out of my gmail inbox. Click this link HERE to read more about programs I use to create an unforgettable client experience along with discount codes.

There you have it my friends! My top 4 email tips to staying organized. I hope you enjoyed this post and i’ll see you in the next one.

Until then, stay inspired!


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