How We Transformed Our Builder Grade Front Door

Anyone else move into a builder grade home and want to totally transform it to a custom looking home? No? Just me 😉 We’ll when we bought our home it was a new construction spec home(aka all the fixtures, colors, basically everything was done and ready to move into). I thought hey, this is perfect we can just move right in and only need to make cosmetic changes(no layout changes and no taking down walls). However, I totally underestimated how much time and money this would cost.

One thing I did not take into consideration when purchasing our home was the lack of natural light and how to change that. While we do have a good amount of windows, they are mainly only on one side of the house and with the layout we do not get any natural light in our front entry. One of the first changes I knew we had to make was finding a way to bring in more natural light to the front entry.

Thanks to a lovely billboard I found on the highway driving one day was an ad for a company named Zabitat. Where they can take your existing front door and add in glass. I was instantly intrigued and started researching and comparing cost to doing it this way vs purchasing an entire new front door. Due to the size of our front door it would cost thousands to purchase a whole new front door vs a couple hundred with Zabitat. No brainer!

Full disclosure, Being a brand photographer I reached to them to see if they would be interested in partnering together and they were! Honestly, the process couldn’t have been simpler. I went to their site, found a glass insert I liked, took some measurements(with the help of their staff) and scheduled an appointment to have the install guy come out. Once the install was complete I painted the exterior and interior of our door and that was it!

The amount of light that now comes in our house is unreal and I couldn’t be happier with how easy and simple this process was.

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