What is Brand Photography


What is Brand Photography? A question I hear going around a lot… Brand Photography can mean different things to different people. Even when I get on a call with a prospective client, I like to fully explain what Brand Photography is and how I do my “thang”.
SO let’s talk about it! Brand photography is for those looking to capture who they are, what they do, AND how they do it.

Brand Photography is empowering you to stand out in your market

  • Having a cohesive collection of images to tell your story in multiple ways not only gives you confidence but it helps open your eyes to see just how unique you are in your market.

Brand Photography is allowing you to fully embody you and your brand

  • Step into your own as a boss babe, step into your own as a brand & most importantly embrace all that you’ve accomplished!

Brand Photography is investing in your brand and ideal client

  • Setting up a photoshoot helps you consistently show up for your clients daily. Allowing them to connect to you and your brand on a deeper level.

Brand Photography is pulling back the curtain on your creative process

  • Show the behind the scenes of your business. Clients LOVE to see how you do what you do. They want to see it all… no detail is too small!

Hopefully this gives you a clear understanding on what brand photography is- ready to schedule your own brand photoshoot? – Hop in my inbox and let’s make it happen; hello@amberticephoto.com



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